Custom-fit golf clubs are hotly debated in locker rooms, sports magazines and online golf forums. One particular Golf Digest article featured the benefits of a personalized club fitting. Interestingly, a largely overlooked reason to pursue perfectly individualized clubs is that many golfers never develop proper techniques and meet their potential–because they are always compensating for clubs that do not meet their individual requirements.

A set of clubs tailored to your swing, physique and posture will certainly add to your mental contentment and on-course performance.


Using the latest Trackman III technology our expert club fitters will gather pertinent launch data and evaluate your personal performance. Minor alterations in swing and equipment can make the difference in on-course results. Club fitting will provide a technological competitive advantage in club design and materials.

Your personally tailored clubs will be built specifically for your individual swing characteristics, physique and posture. You will be confident in the performance of every club in your bag!


Many mid-range handicappers continue to seek a single digit handicap. Inconsistencies in your game may be the culprit in keeping you in the teens. Custom club-fitting can certainly aid in this pursuit. We tailor the perfect clubs for your unique individual swing using our state-of-the-art technology.

Expect to see scorecard results with your tailored clubs. You’ll enjoy play more with better distance, greater accuracy and fewer errors and less time in the sand!


If you are a novice but intent on making golf a regular part of your leisure activities a club fitting with an expert club-builder provides you with a firm foundation for your game. As a beginner, you may believe you are not yet suited for custom clubs. However:

• You’ll improve your game more quickly if you have clubs which are correctly configured together specifically for you.
• Your pleasure in playing will be enhanced with clubs designed for your unique measurements and swing. Recommendation of clubs tailored to your exact individual specifications will minimize the confusion of purchasing clubs.

We recognize that as a beginner your game is under development. You shouldn’t be spending a small fortune on the best clubs in the world. We will assist you in selecting appropriate clubs to help your game move forward.


If golf is new to you but you are keen to make it into a regular leisure activity then a custom club fitting will provide you with a solid beginning. As a beginner you may feel that you are not yet good enough for a professional club fitting.

• take the confusion out of the whole process of purchasing clubs so you make an informed decision,
• Your enjoyment of the game will be enhanced with a set of clubs specifically tailored to your swing and measurements.
• You are more likely to improve if you have a set of clubs which are configured together correctly.

You can be rest assured we know that as a beginner your game is still developing. This means that you shouldn’t be investing in the best clubs money can buy. But we will help you select the best clubs for your stage and swing.


Tailored clubs can assist women of any skill level or handicap with accuracy, distance and consistency assuring lower scores. While there are a limited range of stock clubs for women at retail and pro shops, custom fitting means you can enjoy lightweight graphite shafts. Adding these to your bag will boost your swing speed as you maintain accuracy.

Every one of your custom clubs will perform reliably since they have been created specifically for your unique swing, posture and physique.


Although your competitive edge is still keen, perhaps it is time to consider a set of custom clubs. Stock shafts from retail and pro shops are generally heavier and made for faster swing speeds. A custom fitting will tailor lighter shafts and heads for a slower swing speed helping to improve or stabilize your handicap.

During your fitting our experts can help with recommendations for ball launch angles, which can also minimize handicap creep.