Trackman is the best teaching tool on the market today…

Using Trackman during a lesson eliminates the guesswork by showing the instructor exactly what’s happening at impact on every shot.

Trackman provides three dimensional impact and ball flight data allowing students to learn very quickly how club path and face angle effect ball flight with real-time feedback on each swing. Trackman’s accuracy and precision helps students dial in yardages while the different ball and club data points makes ball and club fitting simple.


10,000 yen per hr
5,500 yen per ½ hr

Why YOU need a golf lesson with Trackman?

1. The most sophisticated golf radar system on earth
2. Used by the world’s leading tour players and coaches
3. MAXIMIZE your current swing
4. The only system that provides complete club and ball flight information on 21 different data points
5. Improve your impact position, club head speed, ball speed, spin rate, and much more!

Using the latest Trackman III technology, our expert club fitters will gather pertinent launch data and evaluate your personal performance. Club fitting will provide a technologically competitive advantage in club design and materials and your personally tailored clubs will be built specifically for your individual swing, physique and posture so you can be confident of every club in your bag!